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We support restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs to make them more attractive for customers. At the same time, we provide guests with entertaining and innovative ways of spending their time in your venue. Find out what we can do for you.

Entertainment in venues

Thanks to the forms of entertainment we offer, venues are able to attract new customers who will spend more time in the them in a previously unknown way. It doesn’t matter if the events organised by us happen weekly or it’s just a single event.

  • PubQuiz
  • Crime Bingo

Events Organisation

We don’t just organise meetings and corporate retreats, but also comedy shows and entertainment events - we do this in collaboration with venues. Our PubQuiz is fit for individuals and for organised groups.

  • Concerts / Stand-ups
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Companies QuizShows
  • Independent Quiz

Marketing services

We specialize in marketing activities for the hospitality industry. We provide social media services including paid advertising, as well as website design. We run comprehensive and personalized training tailored to each specific venue.

  • Social Media support
  • Sponsored advertising
  • Website development
  • Personalised training

We help to maximise the potential of your premises!

For 8 years we have been providing intellectual entertainment for restaurants, pubs, companies and individual clients.

Our most well-known product is PubQuiz – a team-based competition game in which customers answer questions from various categories of knowledge.

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